How to minimize paper jams

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How To Minimize Paper Jams

Is there anything worse than when your copier has multiple paper jams in the middle of an important print job? Fortunately, there are multiple ways to reduce the everyday annoyance of paper jams:


Yes, paper (imagine )… The two main things to remember about your paper.

  1. Paper Type: Paper comes in different weights & finishes; make sure you’re using an approved paper
    type per the copier’s specifications. On a side note, make sure you use the right settings on your
    copier as well, based on the paper type you’ve chosen to use.
  2. Paper Condition: Use clean paper; paper absorbs moisture, along with dirt and can wreak havoc on
    your machine (and productivity).


It’s a necessary evil… It seems no matter where we go or what we do, something needs to be cleaned. The same goes for your copier.

  1. Slit Glass: The Slit Glass is the skinny strip of glass directly beside the Platen glass (main glass)
    underneath the top lid of the copier (typically to the left of it). Dirt, debris or smudges on this glass will
    cause a line(s) to show up on your copies when you use the automatic document feeder. A quick
    cleaning with a soft cloth and some elbow grease should remove the dirt & debris. If the line(s) still
    persist, use the same cloth but dampen it first with a window cleaner or rubbing alcohol. Call your
    service company if this doesn’t fix the line(s) on your copies.
  2. Platen Glass: The Platen Glass is located beneath the top lid of the copier. Lift up the lid and you’ll
    see the Platen Glass. If you put your original(s) on this glass and the copy quality is poor, this is the
    glass you’ll need to clean. Follow the instructions under “Slit Glass” for proper cleaning instructions.
    Call your service company if this doesn’t fix the line(s) on your copies.
  3. Rollers: To move the paper through the inner workings of a copier, rollers are used to grip and feed sheets
    of paper through the machine. Because they are exposed, these rollers attract dust, dirt, lint, etc. Try
    to clean the Rollers once a month or so; use a mild solution of slightly soapy water and wipe off each
    roller. Then use a cloth to dry each roller thoroughly.


A dusty, dirty environment can be very hard on your copier. It’s best to place your machine in a climate controlled, clean location. If you have to keep the machine in a less than ideal location, simply increase your cleaning efforts to keep up with the environment. In closing, if your machine is jammed and you’re unable to clear it by following the prompts on the display screen, please place an OUT OF ORDER sign on the machine, send out a companywide email, notifying others of the problem (so they don’t waste time trying to print to it or remove the jam themselves) and contact Pearson-Kelly Technology to service your machine.

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