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A Balanced Approach to Efficiency and Sustainability

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Is All About Stretching Your Dollar

Like all technology, printers have a lifespan. Our Managed Print Services will help you build a plan that squeezes the most out of your new and old equipment so that you’re never paying more than you have to. With our EZ fleet program, you will gain a clear understanding of your current print environment and how to reduce costs, while improving performance.

Short-Term Savings Does not Always Equal Long-Term Savings

The cost of acquisition on machinery doesn’t always pay off in the short term, but if you have an aging machine inevitable maintenance and increased cost of operation adds up. Our experienced team can help you evaluate the lifespan of your machine and weigh against efficiency gained in new print technology.

With every consultation, we will provide a full analysis with the numbers and projected savings in each scenario so you can choose the option best for your business and growth needs.

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“With PaperCut, the ability to move the cost-savings really helped support where we were headed. It was just a perfect fit.”

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