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Regardless of a business’s industry or size, network security should be a priority. In today’s network environment, cybercriminals are developing innovative ways of stealing company data at an alarming rate. As soon as a new solution is developed to combat one threat, it seems that another one arises. This is why it is imperative to implement sure-fire strategies to protect your business.

In our debut Pearson-Kelly podcast, we sit down with Drew Sanford, PK’s Continuum security guru, to find out why it is so important to constantly revisit your company’s data protection plan and how to best prepare for potential attacks. From employee education to multi-layered security plans, we will show you how modern businesses are utilizing a wide array of strategies to protect their confidential data.

Check out our debut podcast above to get the full insight on the future of Network Security and what you can do for your business today to ensure that your business remains secure.


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